Welcome to Lazad Mercantile, we are a company based in the Philippines. Our main line of
business include manufacturing and exporting of various agro-industrial products such as
animal feed and components, organic fertilizers, gardening materials and a wide range of
coconut based products.
Our Products include:
Copracake Cattle Feed
Repacked Union-Hikari Organic Fertilizer
Garden Stones
Coco Peat
Copra Meal
Coco Fiber
Coconut Husk Chips
Copra Bricks(coming soon)
All our products are of high quality and exceeds all industry standards. We offer them for very
reasonable prices.  We are capable of  various packaging arrangements and also accept
customer specified packaging.
Aside from our main line of products, we also deal with a very wide range of local commodities
from the Philippines so please feel free to contact us for further details. We take pride in our
courteous outlook in business so you can be assured of a fast, precise and customer-oriented
service from our company.